Seven Apps That Make Adulthood Easy

Riddled with tricky tasks and countless responsibilities, adulthood can be challenging for many. This belief is so widely held that the informal term “adulting” has become popular jargon.

According to Google Dictionary “adulting” can be defined as, “the practice of behaving in a way characteristic of a responsible adult, especially the accomplishment of mundane but necessary tasks.”

With that in mind, the age of “adulting” is also the age of smartphone technology that can equip individuals with the tools necessary to handle many of their mundane tasks.

Below is a list of seven smartphone applications that according to three professionals between the ages of 20 and 35, help them effectively manage their time and money.

1. Splitwise

Source:  Splitwise

Source: Splitwise

Splitwise puts a modern twist on the age-old undertaking of sharing rent and expenses. The app helps to evenly distribute rent costs between roommates and even allows users to pay one another back for simpler things like concert tickets or restaurant bills.  

2. OpenTable

Source:  Grub Street

Source: Grub Street

For those who like to eat out, OpenTable is the best way to search for highly-rated restaurants and book reservations without the need to call several locations. Within a few minutes, users can easily search for dining options that match their specifications, check upcoming reservation availability, and book a table for a party of any size. This app is so widely-used that the company has started to expand their operations overseas.

“It’s helpful in making reservations,” said Pearl Dorman, a LIM College teaching assistant Pearl Dorman. “My mom surprised me with a visit this weekend, so we used it to book a last-minute reservation.”

3. FreshDirect

Source:  The Muse

Source: The Muse

FreshDirect is a mobile grocery store that allows shoppers to scroll through food items, fill their cart, and schedule a delivery time to receive their groceries. The creators of the grocery website and mobile app developed a short supply chain that guarantees fresh food conveniently delivered to individuals living in the Greater New York area. The widespread selection of groceries and reliable delivery system makes this app a must-have for adults on the go.

4. Tiny Scanner

Source:  Google Play

Source: Google Play

With adulthood comes paperwork. That is why scanner apps like Tiny Scanner are useful. Tinny Scanner uses a phone’s camera to transfer documents onto any device, where they can then be exported into PDFs and shared with ease.

“Scanner apps are a really helpful innovation because scanning is something that always takes longer than it needs to,” said LIM College Professor John Deming.

5. Glassdoor Job Search

Source:  Glassdoor

Source: Glassdoor

Glassdoor Job Search provides professionals with lists of open positions in an array of fields, as well as reviews from past and current employees. One of the most unique features of the app is that it explicitly displays typical salaries for different jobs. It conveniently combines job listings and transparent details of company cultures for searcher’s consideration.

6. Calm

Source:  Twitter

Source: Twitter

Calm is an app that seeks to “make the world happier and healthier.” Many adults have found it to be a reliable resource for  mental health help with their mental health. In fact, it is currently a top-ranking app for those struggling with sleep issues and anxiety. It provides users with guided meditations, a sound machine, “sleep stories”, breathing exercises, stretch guides and more.

Although juggling an ever-growing to-do list, a full- time job and a personal life can be a challenge, modern technology can make daily life far easier. From guided meditation to a more efficient way to split up rent checks, app stores are full of handy tools that will make “adulting” feel less like a mission.

7. City Mapper

Source:  Twitter

Source: Twitter

“When I first saw how the app works, I realized it is multiple apps I use combined into one,” said Chyrstle Green, Assistant Director at the Office of Student Life here at LIM. “It’s convenient and exposes you to multiple forms of travel.”

City Mapper is the ultimate travel guide for city dwellers. Complete with departure times, disruption alerts and directions, the app serves as a one-stop resource for all available forms of transportation. Whether a traveler is looking to take the subway or a ferry, City Mapper provides directions and alternatives to help them efficiently arrive at their destination.

Although the daily tasks that make up “adulting” can feel impossible to tackle, according to these young professionals, a few app store searches can make accomplishing them a breeze. Be sure to visit your mobile app store to reap the benefits of these seven apps and discover just how easy adulthood can actually be.