Rise and Style: How to Dress for Early Morning Classes

Waking up at 5 AM feels like high school all over again. That’s right, 8 AM classes. How are we, as fashion students, expected to get up and look our best in time to catch the train for school? Sure, people wake up early every morning to go to work, but they most likely throw on the first gray blouse they see hanging in their closet. Unlike them, most of us want to express ourselves every time we put clothes on our backs. This is the inevitable struggle of a New York City fashion student who gets stuck with early morning classes.

Arielle Darrous, who commutes from Uptown, says, “I don’t put much effort in because I’m always rushing in the morning.” After talking with Arielle, it was clear that she cares about looking her best while wanting to be comfortable. This makes perfect sense, considering that most of us would choose to stay in our beds if given the option.

Sam Brown, who commutes from New Jersey, shares, “You never know who you might meet. It’s always good to look your best.” Sam wakes up at 5 AM every morning to make sure that she has the time to do her makeup routine and pop off in a business-y look. Sam suggests picking out your outfits the night beforethat way you can rock a fit and be ready for those nasty 8 AM classes.

Showing off your style in those early hours may not be for you, but for most of us, looking fashionable at all hours of the day is essential. As long as you feel put together, comfortable and confident, you’ll be ready to take on any school day. Here are some tips and tricks for killing the fashion game early in the morning.

Mix comfy pieces with nicer pieces 

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Wearing a pair of dressy pants with a T-shirt or some cute booties with a comfy tee or hoodie will make you look like you’re trying while also allowing you to be comfy. 

Throw on a blazer

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Adding a tailored blazer over a hoodie and sweatpants makes a “ just rolled out of bed outfit look more polished.

Wear monochromatic comfy looks 

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Picking monochromatic pieces makes you look like you put time and effort into creating your look. 

Wear matching sets 

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Adding a matching set to your clothing collection is essential. You can throw it on and have a put-together look with little to no effort, or you can mix and match the top and bottom with other pieces for an endless supply of looks.

Hoodie dresses are always a go-to

Source: @wuzg00d & Refinery29

Sweatshirt dresses are perfect for morning classes. Throw it on with some sneakers, (or booties if you’re feeling fancy), and boom! You have the best of both worlds—the comfort of a hoodie with the stylishness of a dress.  

Throw chains Over Your Top

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This easily adds flare to any comfy fit. Plus, layering jewelry always makes a bold statement.  

Grab hair clips or a hat

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Accessorizing is a quick way to style your hair without having to put in much effort.