Top 10 Iconic Fashion Accessories in Movies

If you’re looking for the history of fashion, there is no better place to start than the silver screen. Throughout cinematic history, audiences have adored the wardrobe of so many movie characters. While the character may be fictional, the clothing is factual. These tiny pieces of movies impact all of our personal closets and forever leave their mark on the fashion world. These are the 10 most iconic accessories from Hollywood’s finest.

1: Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Audrey Hepburn’s cigarette holder is classically cliché. The over-the-top and impractical smoking tool is almost as recognizable as the actress herself.

breakfast at tiffanys .jpg

2: Mary Poppins

If oversize is everything, then Mary did it first. The magical carpet bag was as mystifying as Mary Poppins herself. This obnoxiously large bag is enviable in the fashion world. Whether it’s Victoria Beckham or Proenza Schouler, the big bag trend stems from the practically perfect nanny.

mary poppins .jpg

3: Clueless

We really owe Cher for so much, but her biggest mark on fashion often goes unnoticed. Knee-high socks. Who knew socks could be so chic? Her polished looks were built on the basics, and the basics were built to last.


4: Cleopatra
Can you imagine the Egyptian Queen without her headpieces? Elizabeth Taylor’s beauty was only further emphasized by these avant-garde hair accessories. These iconic jewelry pieces have been replicated more than the knockoff Balenciaga sneakers, but who’s complaining? Whether it’s on the Gucci runway or at Coachella, Cleopatra’s impact is nothing short of royal.


5: Lolita
The only thing you should want from Lolita are these sunglasses. The kitschy cat eye can be seen from almost every designer, yet no one has lived up to the nymphet’s shades. Adam Selman even named his cat eye frames after the film. Imitation may be the highest form of flattery, but nothing beats the original.


6: How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days

Alright, alright, alright. Let’s talk about this necklace and all its glory. No, its not the Smithsonian worthy necklace from the Titanic—it’s better. But if the Titanic necklace is so great, why did she throw it in the ocean? Harry Winston’s Isadora Yellow Diamond Necklace looked even more magical the moment it was clasped around Andie Anderson’s neck. If diamonds are a girl’s best friend, this is the dream friendship.

10 days.jpg

7: James Bond

Every man dreams of being Bond, but the reality is somewhere between Peter Griffin and Michael Scott. In order to overcome the looming mediocrity, men wrap the finest watches around their wrists. A confidence boost never hurts, but Bond wears it best.


8: A Clockwork Orange

A top hat definitely isn’t for everyone unless you have a wand in hand; then by all means, the top hat is yours. Unlike the looks of Lincoln, Stanley Kubrick altered the top hat to match the sadistic gang leader in A Clockwork Orange. Who would’ve thought a hat could embody so much evil?


9: The Matrix

If you think Ken-dull Jenner created the tiny glasses trend, oh sweetie I am so sorry. We owe the unrealistic size of sunglasses to Keanu Reeves. The tiny glasses trend took off after this blockbuster film and no one is upset about it. Except our corneas.


10: Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen

While this movie is most definitely not Oscar worthy, there should be a full Met exhibit devoted to the wardrobe. The glam, punk-rock aesthetic is the silver lining to this only average film. This Diet Coke necklace is the only positive coke reference you can make when referring to Lohan.