How Athletic Wear Gets You Into Shape

For many people, going to the gym regularly can seem like a chore when it shouldn’t be. There are different ways to become motivated, and as someone who works out frequently, I can definitely vouch for the psychological impact athletic wear has on one’s motivation levels.

People care about their appearance, and having clothes that make themselves feel confident actually impacts their mental attitudes. That’s why athletic brands such as Gymshark, Fabletics, and Lululemon all make sure that their customers are comfortable and confident while wearing their clothing. Lululemon is more expensive than Gymshark and Fabletics, but for the majority of gym-goers, the price isn’t a big issue as long as the clothes provide a boost of morale. 

The psychology behind athletic apparel having an impact on the fitness levels of individuals was proven through a 2012 study. During the study, researchers Hajo Adam and Adam Galinsky introduced the term “enclothed cognition,” which describes the influence that clothes have on the wearer’s “psychological processes.”

In the study, it was confirmed that individuals associate certain articles of clothing with a symbolic meaning, concluding that activewear will increase the motivation to be active. Although more research needs to be done, it is obvious that the clothes we wear affect the way we behave. By having several different items of athletic wear, people are more inclined to be active and attend the gym. 

Athletic wear has been a consistent trend in the fashion world, not only for the gym but also for everyday life. People incorporate these articles of clothing by wearing them for tasks such as grocery shopping, running errands, and even going to a mall. By wearing activewear, individuals feel accomplished and confident. Although one can wear athletic clothing outside the gym, its main purpose is to give people the motivation and confidence needed to regularly workout. So, if you ever need a bit of motivation to be active and go to the gym, go buy yourself some new activewear. Then it’s time to hit the gym; you got this!