Royal-ty Becomes Royal-Three


Early Monday morning Kensington Palace confirmed that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will be expecting their first child in the spring.

The announcement has caused a frenzy on Twitter as well as responses from the royal family themselves. The world is happy for the newlyweds, but it has raised questions for them: where will the child fall in the line to the throne? How will Meghan be expected to handle the next nine months? What is the couple up to now?

Once the child is born s/he will become the seventh in line for the throne “after, in order, Charles, Prince of Wales, father of Prince Harry; Harry’s older brother, Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge; the three young children of William and his wife, Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge; and Harry, himself.” Additionally, the child will not be designated with the title prince or princess but rather the designation of earl or lady. This would only change if the Queen decides to modify the rule herself as she has done with Prince William and his wife Catherine’s children.

As Markle progresses into her 13th week of pregnancy, people are wondering how she will handle the upcoming months. It seems that she will be managing it gracefully, as she been seen smiling and joyful with Prince Harry. When it came to her sister-in-law Catherine’s pregnancy, after she had delivered her children, the royal was spotted afterwards in “high heels and nude tights” within a few hours. It is safe to say that Markle will follow this royal image of elegance even during the demanding months of pregnancy.

According to the royal rules, Meghan will be taking an extended maternity leave. The new baby will be the center of her responsibilities, taking over her duties as a royal. The good news is that Prince Harry will be there to help her as he too will be taking an “unpaid leave of absence from his official duties.”

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If you are looking to see where the couple is now, they have recently landed in Australia for their royal tour. It will last from October 16 to October 31 with 76 engagements and activities focusing on “youth leadership, environmental and conservation efforts—including the dedication of several new Queen’s Commonwealth Canopy projects.” Markle will be attending some engagements solo, but the tour is specifically designed for the newlywed couple.