Two Feet Into the Limelight

Zachary Dess, also known as Two Feet, is a young singer, multi-instrumentalist, and producer from Harlem. Dess quickly rose to fame in 2016 when he received serious praise for his distinct sound—an amalgamation of rock, jazz, blues, and soul.

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Two Feet’s debut album, A 20 Something F**k., is an eight-track collection of angsty self-reflection. His first single, “Go F**k Yourself,” became a viral sensation, and now the artist has more than 135 million streams on Spotify. His hit single follow-up, “I Feel Like I’m Drowning,” reached No. 1 on the Billboard Alternative Songs chart in July of this year.

Dess’s music is markedly erotic and somewhat tragic with lots of echoing and guitar. This worked beautifully in the first album. However, the singer released his newest songs, “Lost The Game” and “I Want It,” in October, and unfortunately, the music falls flat. “I Want It,” in particular, is a real let down.  Between the repetitiveness of the lyrics (he says “want it” 15 times) and droll melody, it is hard to listen to.

That being said, Two Feet is an extremely talented musician who knows how to entertain a crowd. I attended his October 27th concert at The Bowery Electric in Brooklyn, and it was a great show. He dazzled the audience with his impeccable guitar skills and smooth vocals.

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Two Feet is certainly stepping up and standing out in the music industry.