Mixing Your Summer and Winter Wardrobes

The seasons aren't as distinct as they used to be temperature-wise. We are in November but are welcoming both 70 degree days and snow filled days, which can cause a blur in fashion. When the weather can't make up its mind, take matters into your own hands and mix your summer pieces in with your fall and winter wardrobes. Transitioning can be easy if you master the art of layering clothing and mixing patterns.

Some basic tips for combining your garments for a fresh vibe are pairing floral prints with a warm color pallet. You can also counterbalance light colored and airy pieces with dark and chunkier ones. Don’t be afraid to play with proportions whether it’s crop tops or thigh high boots, just go for it. Be bold and try nontraditional combinations, but make sure to remember “the do’s and don’ts” of styling.

Other options include experimenting with short rompers, long cardigans, and cut-off pants. Layer silky, sheer, patterned, and thick materials for a mix-and-match effect.

Sundresses are versatile, especially during the in-between season. Pair your favorite dress with a sweater. Wear long sleeve fitted sweaters underneath or baggy sweaters on top for a laid-back look. If it’s not quite cool enough for a sweater, slip on thick tights instead. You can experiment with patterned tights for added texture. Thigh high boots are also a fun addition to your short dress that is visually interesting and practical in the cold.

Denim is acceptable to wear year round and is a staple in most people’s closets. Wearing white after Labor Day is no longer a fashion faux pas so throw on your white jeans and mix them with dark sweaters or flannels. Throwing on a large, boxy, or heavy jean jacket will add a cozy element to any outfit. Denim overalls in their jumpsuit or dress form can also be layered with playful summer tops underneath. While warmer days are still making appearances, combine denim with your cute espadrilles or wedges.

Since layering is essential in getting the most out of your wardrobe, use accessories to your advantage. They can add unique elements to your outfit by incorporating different colors, fabrics, and textures, which can take your look in any direction.

A scarf can serve its purpose of warmth or as a decorative element. It’s an easy way to tie your whole outfit together. Hats including beanies or baseball caps are casual options. Exposed socks may be associated more with Fall and Winter rather than Spring and Summer, but you can add them into this seasonal blur. Consider pairing fishnet socks with your favorite slides or loafers for a unique spin on your Summer, Fall, or Winter inspired outfit.