Wanna Jump on the Essential Oil Trend? Here’s Where to Start

Winter has been here for quite some time, which means that the temperature is continuing to fluctuate. The change of seasons causes dry skin, chapped lips, and stuffy noses...a.k.a, not the best look. Instead of stocking up on overpriced fragrance-filled lotions and over-the-counter allergy medicine, try some of these essential oils to keep yourself healthy as we move into spring . Some of the essential oils are meant to be diffused — instead of applied directly — so here is a link to the one that I recommend, which is sold by Young Living Essential Oils.

#1: Peppermint — This oil is great for any congestion that you may experience, whether it be the common cold or just a stuffy nose. Peppermint is strong enough that it can be a home remedy for Vicks, as it will clear your sinuses right away. Apply it directly to your chest or wrists for fast relief.

#2: Thieves — This blend of clove and cinnamon bark is actually a great cleaning remedy. Germs like to stick around during the colder months; therefore, you can add the Thieves essential oil to water to make your own cleaning solution or you can buy the Young Living Thieves Household Cleaner. It fights bacteria in a natural way, which helps boost your immune system.

#3: Purification — Diffuse this oil into the air to clean and free it of any unwanted odors, because the last thing you need is to be surrounded by more chemicals from standard cleaning supplies. This is a natural way to cleanse the air using a blend of Rosemary, Tea Tree, Lemongrass, and more.

#4: Lemon/DiGize — Fevers and stomach aches are prominent during the winter months and allergies come and go in the spring, which is why DiGize and Lemon can be your new best friends! Lemon works to reduce fevers, while DiGize is great for stomach and allergy relief.

#5: Valor — This oil doesn’t exactly target a specific physical problem, but it is a great mood enhancer, according to Young Living. During the changing of seasons, most people experience a lack of Vitamin D, and this oil can help boost that. I definitely recommend adding it to your bath water or applying it directly to your skin.