An Uplifting Anthem For 2018

Kali Uchis is a 23-year old Colombian-American R&B singer that has recently gained wider recognition in the music industry for her smooth and sultry album Por Vida. She is currently on tour with the alternative pop singer Lana Del Rey, which has boosted her image tremendously. A few weeks ago, along with the rap artist Tyler, the Creator and funk legend Bootsy Collins, she came out with an anthem called “After the Storm” that is filled with positive vibes for 2018.

“After the Storm” was released in anticipation for her upcoming album Fool’s Paradise, which will be released in April. This song is the perfect pick-me-up and can bring some sunshine into people’s lives during this gloomy winter.

“The sun’ll come out / Nothing good ever comes easy / I know times are rough / But winners don’t quit / So don’t you give up / The sun’ll come out / But we’ve been struggling endless days / Someday we’ll find the love / ‘Cause after the storm’s / When the flowers bloom,” Kali sings in the chorus of the song. Genius states that “At the time this bridge starts, the beat changes to a lighter and mellow sound which can symbolize Kali’s optimism through the dark storm.” These uplifting lyrics can brighten your day, which is why I choose to listen to this song on my commute to class or anytime I'm feeling down.

Tyler, the Creator enters in the next verse, referencing himself as “flower boy,” which happens to be the name of his most recent album. There are other references to Flower Boy embedded in the lyrics, including the phrase “When the flowers bloom,” which happens to be a constant theme in Tyler’s album. One of the songs on the album,“See You Again,” features Kali Uchis and is now one of Tyler’s most-listened-to songs on Spotify.

Be sure to listen to the song and check out the music video below.