Top 5 Most Realistic TV Comedies About Living in NYC

As a connoisseur of binge-watchable television old and new, I decided to rate which NYC-based comedy was most realistic. Truthfully, none of them are. But some are closer than others. These shows span across a variety of genres, but all share familiar themes—money, jobs, friends, and family.

#5 How I Met Your Mother


The show follows five best friends and how they survive this thing called life.

I love this show, no matter how cheesy. It's somewhat realistic? The apartments they all have are a little toooo nice for the amount of money they must make. Overall, it seems like the daily shenanigans these five best friends get into is somewhat motivating?

#4 Will & Grace


Another show about how hard it is to date in the City, but with a twist, two gay guys and two straight women.

This show is fantastic, but again, maybe reasonable living arrangements considering their occupations?

#3 Sex & The City


Four best friends who live it up in NYC but can't catch a break when it comes to men.

Okay, first off, Carrie's Apartment?? All of these women are extremely successful, so of course they have to have a lifestyle to match.

#2 Ugly Betty


Aired in 2008, the show follows Queens native Betty Suarez as she tries to achieve her dream of becoming a writer in the big city. She lands an assistant job at a high fashion magazine, and drama ensues.

I think this show displays the struggles of commuting and the harsh fashion world that is New York.

#1 Broad City


Crappy apartments, crappy roommates, and crappy jobs.

The most realistic for people living in NYC during this day and age. These girls are hilarious and the show follows the two best friends as they wreak havoc all over the city.