Become Your Own Modern Day Heather with this 80's Throwback

It is time to grab your croquet mallet and a cherry slushie because in 2018, we’re traveling to the ‘80s with The Heathers’ favorite accessory. Scrunchies. Yes, this is the item you wore for your very first soccer practice or maybe your class photo in the 3rd grade, but the scrunchie has been reinvented for high fashion.

Celebrities such as Bella Hadid, Hailey Baldwin, and Olivia Culpo have been putting a chic spin on this throwback item. They pair it with stylish matching attire or use it to add a little fun to a sleek ponytail.

Additionally, the item has been appearing in distinguished brands like Hara the Label and Slip. With the latter, the scrunchies are “made with mulberry silk that won’t strip your hair of moisture or tangle or pull out your hair. The gentle fabric also makes ponytail indents less likely to happen.” They are a smart alternative to the usual elastic hair tie that can damage your hair and be a huge pain to take out at the end of the day.

The scrunchies in brands like Hara the Label (left) and Slip (right)

The only fly in the ointment is that this nostalgic piece is commonly viewed as having a sense of immaturity or a lack of refinement. In pop culture, the most noteworthy moment of opposition against the hair piece was in Sex and the City. Leading lady Carrie Bradshaw confidently denounces that no New York woman could ever find them even fortuitously fashionable.

“No woman who works at W Magazine and lives on Perry Street would be caught dead at a hip downtown restaurant wearing a scrunchie!”, Bradshaw declared.

However, not all New York women share the same sentiment.

Seymour Carina, 22, had much to say on the subject.

“Scrunchies are a really great addition to an outfit. Personally, I love the way it looks in my hair. I have had my hair at chin length for the past two years, so before I was using barrettes or hair clips or letting my hair do whatever the hell it wanted to do which wasn’t much,” Carina said. “Now that it’s growing out pretty fast I use scrunchies all the time.”

Alyssa Shea, 34, had similar revelations.

“I loved watching The Heathers as a kid. All those bad ass women wearing scrunchies. Of course, I was a gangly teen at the time, but now they can surprisingly pull an outfit together when worn correctly. They don’t leave creases, plus you can buy them in whatever color or style you prefer. I don’t wear them all the time, but I am definitely pro-scrunchie,” Shea said.

Clearly, the accessory is making a comeback, “How very.”