STATE Bags and Their Mission To Give Back

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STATE Bags have products that are great quality, and they have good price points, but this isn’t the most wonderful thing about this company. The company was founded five years ago by Jacq and Scot Tatelman. This startup has a team of 12 people that wear many hats in order to get things done. STATE Bags is aiming to be a profitable e-commerce site, but you can also find its bags in brick & mortar stores, such as Nordstrom and Bloomingdales.

STATE Bags is an amazingly charitable company. Over the past couple years we have seen companies like Tom’s and Warby Parker give away their products to the less fortunate for every product that someone purchased, which is not a tactic that works in the long term. Scot Tatelman doesn’t want to do the bare minimum and only give a backpack away for every backpack sold.

“We’re going to support kids locally,” Tatelman said. STATE Bags does this by hosting events, which are run by speakers that have gone through similar hardships these kids are going through. At the end of the events, they give away backpacks filled with school essentials and snacks for the kids. Tatelman has made it apparent that giving back was always their first goal. In the beginning of their time as a company, they would give back the same bags that they were selling online but realized that was costing them too much. Their solution was to use the leftover material they had from previous collections and make durable bags for the kids. Don’t think that this company’s main concern is the money though because they’re essentially giving half of their money away, which they believe to be for a good cause. Scot Tatelman thought they could be doing more.

“Right now we have a microphone, and it’s irresponsible for us not to use it, ”Tatelman said. He proceeded to share a story how one day at the camp he runs with kids in poverty-stricken communities, a child came up to counselors asking about why police were killing black people that weren't resisting. The counselors couldn’t answer the child’s question, so STATE Bags began enlightening people through videos about the #Blacklivesmatter movement. They didn’t just stop there. They started making content about the LGBTQ community and informing kids about slurs like ‘faggot’ and telling them saying this is bad and it makes people feel bad too. They also started educating people how hurtful the word ‘retarded’ is. Teaching people of all ages about these topics is incredibly important, especially in our society today where our societal norms feel flipped upside down due to our political climate.

”I’m not interested in being another company, and I’m not interested in being on the wrong side of history,” Tatelman said. STATE Bags is truly doing such incredible things for communities around America and helping by providing them with stuff for school, for inspiration, giving kids hope, and teaching them to treat people better.

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