8 Beauty Lessons I Learned by The Time I Turned 20

We’ve come a long way from that pink glitter eyeshadow that we know our moms hated from Claire’s. As a 20-year-old heavily involved in the beauty and fashion industries, I’ve watched, read, and experimented with so many aspects of beauty—whether it be makeup, skincare or wellness. This has helped me investigate my shifting identity while giving me the confidence to embrace myself and my womanhood unapologetically.

Here’s what I’ve learned.

1.   You Can Be in Love with Makeup and Still Embrace a Bare Face

Some of my favorite makeup artists often talk about how they go through most of the week with zero makeup on, but still love a good “face-beat.” This lesson helped me process the idea that I can use makeup as a way of creative expression, and it isn’t something I need to feel beautiful.

2.   Invest in Concealer

Instead of spending large amounts of money on a thick foundation, it’s better to invest in a solid concealer that will cover up blemishes and be a quick touch-up for the under eye. That way, your face has less of a “caked” effect and seems more natural. Some go-to options are Tarte’s “Shape Tape” and MAC’s “Prolongwear” concealer.

3.   Moisturizer Isn’t Only for Dry Skin

If you don’t give your skin the moisture it needs it will become dehydrated all while producing more oil to compensate for it. To combat this, find a light moisturizer that locks in what your skin needs without overdoing it, like this one from First Aid Beauty.

4.    Use Sunscreen (And I mean it!)

As long as the sun is out (even if it’s in the winter), sunscreen is necessary to prevent discoloration, dark spots, and damaged skin.

5.     Almond Oil Belongs in Your Hair

As someone who not only struggles with taking care of hair in itself but has to wear a headscarf as well, my hair requires all the nutrients it can get. Almonds are known for softening and strengthening the hair, while adding moisture to your scalp. Massage some almond oil into your hair, wash it out after a night, and thank me later.

6.     Apply, Blot, Powder

VOGUE magazine’s Beauty Editor Jenna Rennert advocates for this step-by-step method that ensures long-lasting lipstick. Her philosophy is to apply a coat of the color, blot with a napkin, and then press a little translucent powder onto the lips to ensure the perfect lips all night.

7.     Prep Powder with Powder

After applying any liquid foundation, always set with a powder (like Laura Mercier’s) before you move onto bronzer or blush.

8.    Having an Interest in Beauty Isn’t Meaningless

There’s nothing wrong with dabbling in the latest product launches. Many of us want to feel and look good, but beauty also involves taking care of yourself—whether this be for your mind, body, hair, skin, or even soul. Beauty is as much about body image, self-love, and mental health as much as the makeup you put on.