How to Fashion: Champagne Taste on a Budweiser Budget

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Budget and fashion are two words that you rarely find together. As fashion students, keeping up with VOGUE and wishing we could all live our best Carrie Bradshaw life can be costly. It can be discouraging when the price of one skirt has more zeros in it than the amount of zeros in your bank account.

Let’s discover ways to remain fun, fresh and fashionable, while still being able to afford a hot meal.

 Know When to Splurge

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The first trick of the trade is knowing when it’s appropriate to really splurge on an item. After falling in love and adding to the cart, you really need to think: Is it worth it? Do you really need Manolos as a starving college student when your better off in your ride or die Nikes? Classics are called classics for a reason, people!

Shop in Your Closet

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When outfits become stale and tired, take a good look at the forgotten inventory in your closet before you go straight to retail therapy. Being creative with what you already have can be fun. Find the clothes collecting dust and sell them at a second-hand store or a digital platform like Postmark, depop or eBay. This way you can put the chump change towards your next shopping trip!


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Sometimes you have to dig for what you want. While it’s not nearly as glamorous as toting around a recognizable shopping bag, thrifting is just as rewarding. That designer find can be found on any second hand rack and still leave you with enough money for Sunday brunch.

Accessories are Your Best Friend

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There’s no fashion underdog like the accessory. Who needs another outfit when accessories can make it good as new? Whether it be trending hair clips, cool statement rings or a pair of fun printed tights, you can jazz up your wardrobe without blowing the bank. The devil is in the details.