Skin and Hair Care Don’t Need to be One Size Fits All

There’s thousands of skin and hair products on the market, so how do you know which product is for you? There are a few brands on the market that specialize in product personalization, including Curology, Rodan + Fields, Emulsion, and Function of Beauty.

Curology’s personal formulas target wrinkles, dark spots, and breakouts. A personal dermatologist, based on a questionnaire, creates a product for you. According to Curology’s site, they have an 88% success rate, so if you’re willing to spend $19.95 a month, this service is ideal—and there’s also a free trial.

Rodan + Fields also has a questionnaire. For those who are skeptical about trying expensive skincare, Rodan + Fields understands we all don’t have that luxury. If you decide the product isn’t for you (for up to two months), you’ll receive a full refund with no questions asked even if the bottle is empty. Rodan + Fields’ four core regimens help with signs of aging. These regimens are called SOOTHE, REVERSE, UNBLEMISH, and REDFINE. They even came out with new regimen dedicated to young adults called Spotless.

Emulsion is a brand that’s been getting a lot of attention from fashion publications. The wonderful thing about Emulsion is that their products are all natural, and they concentrate on both hair and skin care. There are four steps that go into creating your ideal results. It all starts with choosing your base; this could either be a cleanser, mask, or toner. After finding the base that works best for you, you can enhance the product by adding their essential blends. The unique thing about this is that you can always change it up for whatever you’re in the mood for; one day you can brighten your skin with Wake Up Happy Essential Blend and the next day you can to make your skin matte with Matte Maker Essential Blend. You can even add these essential blends to their shampoo and conditioner bases. Being able to customize your skincare is beneficial because our needs are constantly changing from one day to the next.

Function of Beauty is solely for hair. There’s a questionnaire that asks about your hair type, structure, scalp moisture levels, and what your hair goals are. Function of Beauty even lets you choose the color of the shampoo and conditioner and even whatever scent you want (or unscented, if you prefer). Everybody needs different things for their hair, and Function of Beauty gives you everything you want, packaged up neatly in an Instagrammable bottle.

What’s good about personalized skin and hair care is that as the seasons change, your cosmetic wellness needs change with them. Brands like these make it as simple as making a slight adjustment each month for whatever pertains to you at that time. Never again will you have to guess what product will work for you because these brands will determine the unique product you need based upon what you want.