Are Two Bags Better Than One?

Envision yourself sitting front row at Chanel this past Paris fashion week. A symphony began as the sound of waves filled the atrium of the Grand Palais, a murmur carried on the artificial breeze, a crescendo of cameras clicked against the ocean scape. The 2019 Chanel S/S show began with a splash as models sashayed down the beach barefoot in brightly colored tweed suits. Despite the coastal ambiance, the buzz from fashion critics and enthusiasts alike were the models sporting double bags. Whether there were two bags rested on either hip, or staggered next to each other, an instant trend was born.


The double bag trend originally first made waves in 2018. Luxury brands such as Fendi, Celine, and Gucci all featured the trend on the runway. Celine’s clear shopping tote is a clever way to show off two bags at once; Fendi utilized their iconic Mini Peekaboo as an accessory for the larger Peekaboo, while Gucci used a netted shopper to house a classic logo cross-body bag.

Fendi, Celine, Gucci

With the increased popularity of ever-shrinking bags, the double bag trend offers a solution. Micro purses find a perfect home in their larger counterpart; clutches and cosmetic pouches can finally see the light of day. Having the ability to switch out options allows for infinite combinations. The best part of this trend is that you do not need to spend exorbitant amounts of money. Essentially any two bags of differing sizes and materials can be paired.

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