Do's and Don'ts: Airport Fashion

With the semester ending and summer approaching, most of us will do some sort of traveling. So, what does one wear to the airport? Are we supposed to dress up like the celebs we all know and love? Heels on a six hour plane ride? No thank you. Here are some do’s and don’ts for airport fashion:

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DO: Easy shoes

Listen, TSA is always making us take off everything just to get to our gate. Don’t be walking around in laced-up combat boots. Wear something simple, cute and comfortable. Throw on some Vans or Converse. Personally, I love my Adidas sneakers which I can easily slip on and off when going through security. PLEASE no heels or you’ll end up like Lady Gaga and not even be able make it to check in.

DO: Layer up!

Do yourself a favor and wear some layers. The temperature on a plane fluctuates so much that one second you’re freezing and the next it’s as hot as the Sahara Desert. Wear a cute tank, or t-shirt with a sweatshirt or jacket. Just make sure you have options for the unpredictable temperature of a plane.

DON’T: White clothing

Trust me on this, DO NOT wear all white. I am such a klutz, and always end up spilling something on myself. Whether you are on a plane, in a car or on a bus, you will hit either bumps or some turbulence. Whatever you are eating or drinking will spill on you. Black is the safest bet when traveling, don’t ruin your clothes by trying too hard at the airport.


DO: Pockets

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When you are traveling, especially abroad, you need to have many different items on you. Keeping your boarding pass, passport and anything else you may need at a second's notice on you is difficult. Keep it easy by wearing a jean jacket or pants with pockets to have everything on you, including snacks.

DON’T: Tight clothing

If you are going to be sitting on a plane for more than a couple hours, don’t torture yourself by wearing tight clothing. Keep it loose and casual so you aren’t uncomfortable the whole plane ride.


DO: Keep it simple

Do not wear jewelry. Going through security is a hassle as it is; wearing your favorite jewelry is only going to make it that much worse. Wear the bare minimum and accessorize once you get to your final destination.

DON’T: Pajamas

A.k.a. - do not look like a slob. I know that PJ’s are THE comfiest thing to wear to an airport and sit on a plane, but you can be comfy without looking like you just rolled out of bed. Just because Ariana Grande did it, does not mean you should.

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DO: Be comfortable

Athleisure! Athleisure! Athleisure! Thank the fashion gods for the athleisure trend. Wearing sweatpants out is now acceptable! So, make the most of this and wear your comfiest joggers with a cute cropped sweatshirt and be on your way!