Billowing Sleeves, Mis-matching Patterns and Style with Comfort the Danish Way

Another fashion month has passed and we still only seem to notice the established fashion houses. Even though these well renowned designers do deserve recognition, there are others on the sideline who could use a little love. Slowly, designers from cities other than the fashion capitals are being noticed. Fashion Week has been held in other European cities and one that deserves equal notoriety is Copenhagen.

The Danes are having a moment, and we can’t deny it. People are inspired by Copenhagen street style for many reasons. The look is similar to the Parisian girl, which influencers have been obsessed with re-creating. Both looks consist of a fresh face, but the Danish juxtapose their plain faces with eye-catching outfits. Elements that you’d typically see in Danish style are mixed patterns (not limited to polka dots and stripes), pastel hues, and voluminous shapes. The Copenhagen girl also isn’t afraid to accessorize in a kitschy way by including cotton candy colored hair accessories, beach inspired anklets, chunky sneakers paired with dainty dresses, and decorative socks worn with sandals. All of this is the work of Danish designers.

Saks Potts and Ganni have received major attention, but brands like Stine Goya, Cecilie Bahnsen, and Mark Kenly Domino Tan are barely getting a whisper. These brands are worth talking about because they like to play with shape, mingling patterns, and the concept of incorporating comfort with style.

Stine Goya’s Fall 2019 collection featured patterned, monochromatic clothing from turtle necks to scrunched boots. Stine Goya is notable for sustainability—a focus of the Copenhagen Fashion industry. All 10 looks from the Fall 2019 collection used recycled materials such as hemp and PET sequins.

Cecilie Bahnsen included frocks with billowing sleeves in textured fabrics like crochet and ribbed knitwear. The interesting aspect of the collection was the quilt-like patchwork and embroidery that evokes a DIY feel.

Mark Kenly Domino Tan draws inspiration from Parisian fashion. An array of neutral trench coats and suiting were on display at the Fall 2019 runway show, and although inspired by the French, including clashing patterns paired with Birkenstocks and trainers for comfort. Streetwear typically chooses comfort over style, but Mark Kenly Domino Tan says you can have it all.  

Thanks to its designers, Copenhagen has proven to be a worthy fashion city.