Want Free Coffee? Join the New Starbucks Rewards Program

We’re probably all familiar with the Starbucks app that allows us to earn stars for the money we spend in-store or for mobile orders, right? Well, think again. You’re going to have to memorize a whole new concept for how you earn stars. The current app operates this way: you earn two stars for every $1.00 spent at Starbucks, excluding gift cards. When you eventually earn 125 stars, you are able to get ~anything~ that you heart desires...for free! The new rewards concept follows this same benefit. However, it might be a little easier to get free stuff. Here’s a brief rundown of the New Rewards Program that is launching on April 16th, 2019.

25 STARS: When you earn as little as 25 stars (!!!) you’ll be able to add one modification to your beverage for free. This includes substituting the default 2% milk for the now-trendy coconut milk.

50 STARS: Double the 25 and you’ll be able to get yourself a free Pike Place or Butter Croissant. This is great for people that just sip on hot, brewed coffee 24/7 (a.k.a. not me).

150 STARS: Bump up those digits and you’ve got yourself a free drink...woot woot! This quantity also includes a free breakfast sandwich or oatmeal.

200 STARS: You can stock up on a bistro box, panini, or salad from the refrigerated section next to the registers. I highly recommend the Turkey Basil Pesto panini.

400 STARS: With this many stars, you can get yourself a free tumbler, mug, or bag of coffee from the merchandise areas. This option has never been available to customers in the past, which makes it especially intriguing. So, save up your stars and get a cute tumbler for summer!

This new rewards program gives you almost everything you need. Free sandwich? Got it. Free latte? Got it. Even if you just need a measly cup of drip coffee, this program has got you covered. In order to opt into these amazing benefits, make sure to download the Starbucks app and pay for your drinks with the app to start earning stars. You’ll be a Starbucks expert in no time who is practically dripping in free coffee!

PS. I work for Starbucks, but no one told me to write this. I just adore the company a lot.