The Holy Grails for Your Large Chested Issue

The hard truth is that it’s really rough having a large chest. Having bigger boobs entails carrying a much larger weight, sleeping on your stomach is rarely an option, and finding bras that look good, fit right, and provide support, which is always an adventure. As much as you might want to go braless and carefree, it’s almost never an option. So, I’ve whipped up a list of the best bras for us larger chested ladies.

Everyday Bra (full coverage)

source:  Target

source: Target

The Simply Perfect line by Warner’s gives us ladies the full coverage and support of an everyday bra without breaking the bank. Band sizes range from 34-40 while cup sizes range from D. The entire line is available at Target in a variety of colors for less than $25.

Everyday Bra (plunge)

The Natori Feathers Plunge Bra is perfect for low cut tops. The support of the bra coupled with the plunge allows this to be another great everyday bra. While there is some padding for extra support, the cups are deep enough to size down. The band sizes range from 30-38 while the cup sizes go from A to DDD and then to G. The Bare Necessities bra retails from $39.99-$68.00

Fashion Bra

source:  Adore Me

source: Adore Me

The fashion bra is considered a bra that can stand alone. The Meeni Contour set makes sure that you don’t sacrifice support for style. Adore Me offers bra and panty sets. For the Meeni Contour set, the band sizes range from 30-38, and cup sizes go up to DDD. The entire set retails for $59.95.

Sports Bra

Source:  Victoria Secret

Working out with big boobs is the worst. They never stay in place, and they hurt. However, the Victoria Sport Incredible Knockout Ultra Max bra is the only sports bra I will ever use. With both a front-close clip plus a zipper closure, your boobs will stay in place during any workout. This bra is available in a large variety of colors and patterns. Band sizes range from 32-40 with cup sizes ranging B to DDD. The Victoria Secret bra retails at $49.50.


source:  Victoria Secret

A bralette that works for a large-chested woman? Sounds like a myth. While I will admit this bralette doesn’t have the support of the Victoria Sport sports bra, it does work for the large-chested woman who never thought comfort was an option. Instead or wires and cups and tons of padding that can seem uncomfortable, the Victoria Secret Logo & Lace Triangle Bralette uses the thick band with the brand’s logo as support. The bralette ranges in many pastel colors as well as few dark shades. Instead of band and cup sizes, the bralette ranges from XS-XL, and it retails for $24.95.