The Rise of Gender-neutral Beauty

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The lines that divide women and men’s self-care products are becoming more and more blurred as growing conversations on gender impact the beauty industry.

Even though the concept of gender neutrality is new to most areas of the beauty industry, it is nothing new in fragrance. There have been launches of perfumes positioned as unisex for years. Andrew Goetz, the founder of brands Atelier Bloem  and Malin + Goetz, said in an interview with Harper’s Bazaar, “This actually goes back to the roots of perfume where fragrances were made to be worn by both men and women.”

But now that gender-neutral beauty is having its moment, other sectors of the industry are starting to take advantage of the trend. Skincare brands like Grown Alchemist,  Non Gender Specific, and haircare line Løre Originals are three examples of companies that actively market themselves as unisex.

Grown Alchemist

Created by brothers Keston and Jeremy Mujis, Grown Alchemist uses scientific-innovative formulas that are capable of influencing the way the body repairs and regenerates the skin. Its team of expert cosmetic chemists and research labs are based in London, Paris, Switzerland, Spain, and Australia. All are in search of formulas that are capable of transforming the skin.

ULTA Beauty skincare manager Dana Connor said, “After one day my skin felt so soft, I had more even tone, and it smells really good.”

The brand considers itself “a beauty company of the future” for all.

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Non Gender Specific

This brand promotes individuality, and believes in gender-equality for all identities. CEO Andrew Glass started the company when he realized how segregated the beauty industry had become.

“The industry is segregated into male and female categories, 90 percent of which are female. This isn't because these products only work on male or female skin, it's the marketing used by the brand to reach a specific consumer,” Glass said in an interview with POPSUGAR.

The company also promotes less consumer waste by generating multi-functional products through innovative formulations that are natural, powerful, and inclusive.

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Løre Originals

This hair care line hopes to make ‘his and hers’ products a thing of the past by creating a unisex range of products that provide healthy benefits for every hair type, regardless of gender. The company was created by the same team of people behind the hair salon/haircare line Taylor Taylor London.

Løre Originals’ capsule collection is comprised of the collective knowledge of acclaimed stylists, clients, British chemists, and perfumers. Its six multi-use formulas have been designed to streamline the everyday hair care routine and offer a modern, contemporary product.