Get Out & Vote

It’s time to vote. On November 6th, each and every adult American citizen will have the opportunity to make their voices heard, so it’s important to be prepared for the polls. Here is a helpful guide that will make your voting process as seamless as possible.


 1)    Do your research. Prior to heading to the polls, research the candidates that are running for office. It is crucial to make an educated and well-researched vote to ensure that the candidates’ values align with your political point of view. BallotReady provides nationwide sample ballots so you can see what it will look like and research the issues and candidates. 

2)    Know if you need ID. Another key thing to know is what kind of identification you might need before casting your vote. Thirty-four states require some form of identification, and seven of them require photo ID. You can check what kind of identification your state requires here.

3)    Make sure you are registered. It is also a good idea to verify your voter registration. Several states purge the voter rolls of inactive voters or those who no longer live in the state. To verify your registration, check out

4)    Actually vote. It’s easy to prepare, but the most important step is actually going to the polls. To find a voting destination near you, use and plug in your address to find the closest polling place and the hours of operation. If transportation is an issue, several ride services are offering free or discounted rides to polling locations. To find more about election day freebies, click here.

5)    Don’t post your ballot online. While it’s fun to share a picture proving that you voted, be careful where you snap your selfie. Taking photos of your ballot or inside of a voting booth is illegal in a number of states and can often to lead to the termination of your vote.

Each and every vote matter. This is one of the few times that we, as free citizens, have a say in how our country functions. Get out and VOTE!