Tyga's Kyoto: A Review

Artwork for Kyoto

Artwork for Kyoto

When Tyga announced in January that he’d be dropping his new album, Kyoto, fans expected to be met with another one of his rap albums. Instead, Tyga takes the R&B path with this project, focusing more on singing. He incorporates a mix of smooth piano instrumentals and tropical beats, giving the album a More Life feel. The hints of the harp in the background also play a large role in creating a Japanese vibe. Tracks like “Ja Rule & Ashanti” and “Train 4 This" may remind you of  Bobby Valentino's hit songs from the early 2000’s.

Despite the impressive execution of beats, the vocals are often carried by a significant amount of autotune and more than a few cliches. In his song “U Cry,” he sings, “Every time you go out, it gets you nowhere / I been waiting right here, still I’ve been everywhere / And it’s like June now, but I love you like February” Genius isn't it?

Many rappers have the ability to sneak in meaningless and repetitious verses, but if Tyga plans on channeling his inner T-Pain in the future, he’ll have to work on creating depth in his lyrics. It seems as though the success of this album would be best described as short of adequate. 

You can stream Kyoto here.