Keep Your Beauty Regimen Cruelty Free


1. Anese


If you follow beauty gurus on Instagram, this product may seem very familiar to you. For the past couple of months, Anese has been promoting its scrubs and masks all over social media. The LA-based company is currently known for its five elixirs and has expanded into masks and scrubs. Anese's products not only smell good but also come with some pretty clever product names. From scrubs labeled "That booty tho." ($28) to facial toners like "Can I speak to your manager?" ($23), Anese serves all the realness you need for your beauty routine.


2. Kopari

If you suffer from dry skin in the winter or need that extra boost of hydration in the summer, Kopari is the perfect solution that will leave your skin glowing without giving your skin a sticky feel. Its coconut melt ($38) is 100% organic with no toxins or GMO's. The melt absorbs into skin fast, leaving it soft, light, and glowing.

Frank Body Products 5.png

3. Frank Body

Every girl needs her morning coffee, right? Frank Body offers a variety of coffee-based body scrubs that are also vegan. It's line consist of other scrubs for lips and face that are made to stimulate blood flow and consists of grapefruit abstract. This Aussie skin care line is the perfect detox to fight dry skin. 


4. Mario Badescu

If your skin is suffering after a long day and you need a quick pick-me-up, the Mario Badescu Rose Water ($7) is guaranteed to give you the boost you need. Although the product is labeled "Facial Spray", it can double as a hair spray, leaving hair smelling amazing all day long.

Bonus Tip: Spray your brushes with rose water before applying eyeshadow to enhance the pigment! 


5. Glossier

Looking for the right products to give you the ultimate dewy look? Glossier is known for it's simple yet effective products such as it's Haloscope crystal highlighter. Infused with vitamins, this product is the perfect mix between makeup and skincare. Another Glossier go-to is the Lightweight Coverage: Perfect Skin Tint. This dewy tint comes in five shades and is great for skin discoloration.