I Don't Like Accessories...

Accessories, are they really needed? I go to a fashion school, so I know there will be hella people that disagree. But WOW are they tedious.

I believe in convenient accessories. My bracelet that I got for my birthday—I never take that off, one, because it stays on, and two, because it’s comfortable to the point I don’t even realize I’m wearing it.

I also had a necklace that I wore all day everyday, but it broke from being overloved. My mom fixed it, and I tried wearing it the other day—like I used to, all day everyday—but I couldn’t take the clasp sliding to the front of my neck every hour, or the way it scratched my back as I tried to take my midday nap. So I gave up and took it off.

@nycbambi | instagram

@nycbambi | instagram

I just don’t think accessories are worth it. They can definitely help an outfit look better, but who has time to put a ring on seven out of ten fingers, five necklaces, and three pairs of earrings.

At a fashion school, there are certain standards that I personally put on myself, and that I assume other people secretly put on their peers. Everyday, mostly everyone is dressed to the nines, and I can’t deny that accessories help them stand out.

If I sound bitter, it’s because I am. I think deep down I want to be drowning in accessories everyday, but again, I do not have time to put all of that on.

If you can show me a brand that makes comfortable jewelry or a trick to never having to take off your accessories and still be comfortable, PLEASE share it in the comments below.