Washington Fights Back For Net Neutrality

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As of Monday, March 5, Washington has been the only state to successfully push back against the repeal of net neutrality. The decision, which was made by the Federal Communications Commission (F.C.C.) back in December, received heavy backlash and was faced with more than 20 lawsuits across the nation.

The repeal of net neutrality ultimately leads to major internet providers having the ability to block the content we are exposed to or slow down the quality unless paid for otherwise. Many have argued that the blocking of content can become problematic, especially with news and politics.

However, Governor Jay Inslee’s decision to sign the bill has been considered one of the most prominent actions taken against the repeal. With this new bill (labeled as House Bill 2282), Washington can run under its own laws, ensuring that major internet service providers won’t be able to slow down or block any content.

Supporters of net neutrality have applauded Washington’s efforts and have called on other state governors to follow suit. A tweet from Common Cause stated:

“Thank you @GovInslee and the people of Washington state for protecting #netneutrality! Who is next? @OregonGovBrown @JerryBrownGov @NYGovCuomo

Until then, the F.C.C.’s decision will be in effect come June 6, 2018. To find out more on how the repeal of net neutrality rules can affect you, click here.