What Mermaids Wear

Shell jewelry has captured my attention in the last few months, but then again it has always had a special place in my heart. I remember when I was younger, I would spend my summers at the Jersey Shore and spend countless of dollars on all the shell jewelry I could find on the boardwalk. Shell jewelry can be super nostalgic to some of us beach gals, and I’m sure we’re glad they’re back in alluring updated versions.

Flava Studio has a beautiful golden metal bag in the shape of a fossil shell with a thin long golden chain that could be easily thrown over your shoulder. Gold Goddess Shop, a small Instagram boutique based in Poland, has a gold chain necklace with a large golden shell dangling from it. Coqui has earrings and necklaces galore with pink conch shells, puka shells and cream clam shells with a touch of pearls. Style Mafia has an assortment of shell jewelry, including my favorite: the puka shell choker. Brinker and Eliza have all the different shell jewelry you can imagine. Fashion consultant Lou Lou De Saison bought one of their clam and seahorse gold chain necklaces and wore it as a belt! Let’s pretend summers a little longer and accessorize just like a mermaid would.