Jeremy Scott Accused of Stealing Ideas

The internet is rapidly filled with new content everyday and because of this easy access, creatives are being ripped off left and right. A repeat offender who seems to have no original ideas of his own is Moschino’s Creative Director, Jeremy Scott. We have seen him rip off other designers from the clothes to the runway shows theme.

Moschino’s Spring 2019 ready-to-wear collection was rumored to be copied from up-and-coming designer Edda Gimnes, whose Spring 2016 and Spring 2017 had similar “scribbled” ensembles. They had almost identical satchel bags, oversized hats and dresses all in a scribbled marker design, and even had similar color schemes. It’s possible that this wasn’t a coincidence whatsoever. According to Gimnes Instagram post, she met with someone from Moschino in New York and showed them her work and sketchbooks back in November 2017, keeping the individual anonymous. After the post went viral, Jeremy Scott himself commented on the post claiming that her accusations are false.


Gimnes isn’t the only designer who has come foreword stating that Scott has possibly stolen their ideas. After Moschino’s Fall 2019 ready-to-wear show, Amanda Mehl of Amehl NYC posted comparison shots on Instagram of her most recent collection alongside Moschino’s Fall 2018 and 2019 ready-to-wear collections. Similar faux animal scarves, a sea-foam green dress with cut out slits in the exact same place, and mohair-like sleeve detailing were seen. Besides the clothes, even the thematic elements of Amehl’s show were alike. Models were clapping and winning fake prizes, confetti was thrown in the air, and prop champagne bottles made an appearance in both shows.

Even after all these “coincidences”, Jeremy Scott still remains untouched. He has never apologized and denies all accusations, which seems absurd given all the evidence. And why doesn’t anyone in the fashion industry (besides Diet Prada) bat an eyelash to these claims? Small designers are constantly being swept under the rug and people like Jeremy Scott reap all the benefits. This has to change.