Interview with Interior Decor Brand Claude Home

Shopping and renting home decor has been made easy by Claude Home. This vintage home decor brand exclusively uses Instagram to sell it’s merchandise. Lifestyle influencers such as Reese Blutstien, Hannah Baxter, Sarah Bahbah, and Christie Tyler have shown this brand some love. Claude Home has a variety of merchandise they sell, from velvet swivel chairs to pearl coasters. I spoke with founder Maggie Foster about starting her vintage home furniture brand and where it’s going.

Q: Tell us about yourself. Why and how did you start your brand?
A: For basics, my name is Maggie. I'm 22 years old, from San Diego, CA.I’ve worked in fashion for the majority of my career as an assistant for top magazines. Basically, the job is INSANE, and I had a bit of a mental breakdown. I started collecting fun trinkets for my house, and they were piling up a bit, and I was like why don't I just start posting them on Instagram and see if people buy them? A month later, it kind of became my full time job.

Q: What makes your brand different from others?
A: I think I have a good eye for what the current generation is looking for. I also just sell things that I would personally put in my own apartment.

Q: Have you faced any challenges?
A: Yes! SOOO many! Last night, I sat on giant boxes outside of a client’s showroom and waited until midnight. That kind of sums up my life.
I also have a very hard time working with people. It’s a bit of a fault because I end up trying to do everything myself, which is impossible.

Q: What do you look for when your choosing home furniture to sell?
A: Items I love! I would never sell anything I wouldn't put in my own apartment.

Q: It’s interesting that you let customers rent your merchandise; can you tell me what inspired you to do that and how it works?
A: I've worked in the fashion industry, and I know how sets go. There’s a constant need for amazing furniture. Why not rent things instead of having them sit in a storage unit?

Q: You sell solely on Instagram. Do you think you’ll have your own site one day?
A: Yes! But probably a showroom before a website. 

Q: What is your company’s goal this year?
A: A showroom in Chinatown [NY] where we plan on holding dinner parties that people can then shop for pieces afterwards.